A Fly On The Wall by Peregrine Wade

Across the city, strange events are taking place. But you are nothing more than a fly on the wall... or are you?

Note: This game is an entry at The 2017 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction (springthing.net)
Review by Stripes
08 Jan 2018
I feel like this is a superhero's backstory.

Anyway, an this is interesting idea. Nice work. Not exactly amazing, but nice.

Review by CC Hollister
23 Nov 2017
Fun and interesting! Cool idea.

Review by cormacmurphy2016
06 Nov 2017
A beautifully written surrealist, witty and intriguing game. Deserves more recognition.

Review by Nanacollapse
24 Jun 2017
Otstanding amazingness! Write a book 'bout this!

Review by Mindtwister100
18 Apr 2017
Very Fun with multiple out comes!

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Written by
Peregrine Wade

Published 18 Apr 2017
Updated 20 Apr 2017