Warrior cats: ShAtTeReD {She-cats} by Thecatofallcats


Can you survive as a clan cat as your path is laid out in front of you with challenges in your way?
Will you become a medicine cat, leader,warrior,elder, etc?

--NOTE: Heavy WIP, definitely going to have some script bugs.--

Only for She-cats, a tom version will be out after this one, seeing more girls like warriors.
Review by arashinome
22 Jun 2018
I like the fact that there are few/no errors in punctuation and such, however, I suppose my opinion would be to add more options. The problem with this, though, is that it would open more paths therefore leading to a longer wait time for the full game, as well as cause you more problems. The mere fact you have so many career choices is outstanding, because most would select one and go on from there.
Nonetheless, an excellent beginning, and I can see that there will be potential in this game! :D

Review by hellokitty53
22 Jun 2018
I kinda like it... It's good, but I've seen better. I know you can make it to my five-star recommendation.

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