Vaughan RPG by rolandjackson168

This is similar to the game that I made a while back, only this time, it is much longer, and much better, because I actually know how to make a game now. Please leave a comment and tell me if you liked it. All feedback is appreciated. Constructive criticism is welcomed. If enough people leave good comments, I will release the sequel that I have been developing. I also have a patreon where you can support my text-adventure game development, and get updates about what will be happening in the future regarding both this game, and any others that I might make. If you want. If you don't, want to, then don't.

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Review by awesomo000011
21 Jul 2017
This game...where do I begin? The jokes are very hit and miss and if they hit, they don't make you laugh, the game is very straightforward, the in-game map is a cool feature but the straightforwardness of the game makes it unnecessary, the game throws anything at you like Your Mom and Unicornland. I don't know what people were thinking when they rated it a 5. Checkmate.

Review by CaptainCassidy
16 Mar 2017
Very much a beginner game. Short, curt, and most of the jokes are stated rather than told. For reference-- don't tell us we changed the channel to Archer; describe a scene from it on the TV, and let the player deduce "Oh! It's an Archer joke! That's funny!"

-Most NPCs were pointless.
-Glad to know our player character is some obese greasy gamer dude. Might have been funny had it been executed a little better (though to your credit, you did "show" us this more than tell us, this time).
-I feel like there was supposed to be a joke with the hippo, but there was no punchline.
-Ending Rooms.

Review by Serious Joe
07 Feb 2017
Great game, wonderful, fun, this is guud game, you should add on to it. That would make it much better

Review by Killerfeen
30 Sep 2016
Funny and good control

Review by lolderp5123
31 Aug 2016
I got stuck in a place where I couldn't do anything. how nice.

Review by DavyB
08 Aug 2016
This seems more like 'work in progress' than a complete game. It is short, straightforward, has sudden endings, and the scoring system is under developed. It would be a good idea, for example, to explain the score at the end against what is possible.

I liked the use of the map but as the game is short and mostly linear it is probably not needed at the moment.

One issue I noticed was that items to be eaten, when taken, no longer offer 'eat' as a verb; 'use' is there instead but has no effect. This means 'eat' has to be typed directly.

Review by hrowe26
02 Aug 2016
finally one where you don't have to guess the commands

Review by Star396
07 Jul 2016
I absolutely LOVE this game for it's humor alone! There are some... Bizarre things, but that only makes me more excited to see what the game will throw at me next. I can't wait for the sequel!

Review by ShadowKensei
10 Apr 2016
this was fun to play

14 Mar 2016

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