Cabin Fever by Michael "Dr.Froth" Millsap

One Room Game Entry (6th place).

Your vacation to a remote mountain cabin takes a turn for the worse when you find yourself snowed in.
Madness ensues.

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Review by DaNiX88
14 May 2015
Wow, great twist! The story was very interesting and made me thirsty to see more! I was able to make sense of things easily enough, but the verb use was sometimes tricky. I wasn't always sure how to use the verbs with the objects, and with the scenery. I was able to complete it though without looking at the walkthrough. Great game, and a relief from the fear of dying or making the game unbeatable.

Great work!

Review by BeautyvsAshes
23 Jun 2014
Seriously this is an awesome game. Well written, funny and with a great twist.

Review by Crispin
29 Dec 2013
Very well done! The atmosphere was excellent. However, I wouldn't really consider it a comedy...

Review by Wessy2001
24 Sep 2013
That was really fun!!! Great job.

08 Jul 2013
This is my first quest like game, using typed commands, and I was really pleased how absorbed I was getting into the story, so much that I was hungry at the start and didnt eat til the end! The puzzles were not terribly difficult, yet I still had those eureka moments. I had a great time playing this game thank you! great ending.

Review by Gee Bee
07 Nov 2012
No worries - I figured it out...

Review by Jonathan4
23 Oct 2012
This was awesome. It was a little tricky to figure out some things. (Took me forever to find the fishing line, kept trying to 'use fishing line with crack' or 'put ice in fire' before figuring it out). But the theme and atmosphere was spot on. Loved the ending.

Review by Paul2
03 Oct 2011
The reviewer was right syntax took a bit to get but once i understood the authors way of thinking the game was quite easy! Excellent short game. By the way Dr Froth, love the email address at the end!!!!!!!!!

Review by David Whyld
01 Feb 2008
As with Dr Froth

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Written by
Michael "Dr.Froth" Millsap

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Written for Quest 4.0
Published 28 Dec 2007

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