The Harsh Future by pridmiester

For those who have been asleep or unaware, the police have been gone for almost a year now. I personally don't know how, I can barely remember anything before the daily chaos started which I suppose we should call normality now.
You are a moral person who tries not to do wrong but are left in tricky situations, good luck.

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Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
DEMO- Interesting idea, but was never finished. It ends just as it was getting going.

Review by Kefira
17 Nov 2013
I'm going to assume this isn't finished.

Needs a bit of proof-reading, some spelling errors and whatnot abound, but nothing atrocious.

I hope this gets finished, I quite like the premise and where the story could go. This has potential.

Review by Magic Orange
20 Sep 2013
The little bit that's available is fantastic. The only things I don't like are some spelling errors and it's short. But since I think it's not finished I can excuse that. I look forward to exploring the interesting world you've set up and to experience the story that promises to be good.

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