The Asriel Story: Undertale by Asriel As It Gets

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You are the naive and unadventurous prince of the underground. Unfortunately, your life is destined for unavoidable tragedy. How you deal with this, if you do so at all, is entirely up to you.

You, and your adoptive sibling Chara, will attempt to remain unchanged in the wake of life altering events that would be hard enough to face as an adult. Even harder to face as a child.

Stay Determined.

(As of now, this is somewhat of a work in progress. I will update this story with more choices and endings as I see fit. Thank you for playing.)

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Review by SoocieSoocie
22 Aug 2017
cool man jus cool

Review by Bipolarbear
21 Mar 2017
Brilliant how it knows about little choices you make, like if you go back to the same room twice it says

"Knowing full well that there is nothing of value in the room, you return anyway" or something.

Made me laugh.

Review by Maxyvolt
19 Mar 2017
I found it cool that petty choices carried over/were acknowledged later.
Keep working on this because if you finish it I think it will be really good.

Review by British Brony
18 Mar 2017
For a W.I.P, I appreciate the work that went in here. A lot of different decisions were directly referenced on several pages. I found this a pleasant change considering that this is a Gamebook, which means you either needed a lot of Pages or several codes.

Nice Job!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Added 18 Mar 2017
Updated 12 Dec 2017