Power by Tom C.L.

This game is fair! You will never die! It is super easy! (If you complete it, you can have a cookie)

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Review by MrWiddershins
10 Aug 2014
This game is funny, (but not like Ha-Ha funny) And it made me laugh! I love how you through logic out the window.

Review by johnaliwa11
12 Jul 2014
Made me laugh! Just gets a little bit boring if you play it for more than 2 minutes. It gets a bit annoying though because you don't know how your gonna die. There's no logic whatsoever. And I really wanted to eat cornflakes.

Review by Daisy&sis
03 Jul 2014
I really liked, though it was kind of boring for my character. You see, I Reeaallly wanted that cookie, so I made her sleep to the end of time. *Munches on cookie*

Review by sloth games
30 Jun 2014
I liked this a lot! Its funny when you die from eating a fruit! But unfortunately i did not earn my cookie. Returning the favor by giving you a review and in case you hadn't noticed i've added a small update to Island Dictator for you more on its way though ;)

Review by Claire6129
30 Jun 2014
Wow! I've lost track how many times I've clicked on "Try again", because I keep dying! It's weird how just one mistake can kill you, but it was indeed fun, good job! ;)

Review by The Arcade
28 Jun 2014
fun i ate the bomb fruit first fun i liked it and epic minecraft bad reviews on you is an oppinion for someone so dont get mad because of a review ok gosh

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Written by
Tom C.L.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 25 Jun 2014
Updated 07 Sep 2014