Reviews by Father

09 Jan 2022
This looks promising. Well written. Pity not so long . Needs more twists.

13 Sep 2021
This is good! I like well described scenarios.

16 Mar 2021
I like this game. Well written, well imagined

Review for Glass
31 Oct 2020
This is brilliant. A cleverly written twist on an old story

Review for Tomb of the Dead
05 Jul 2020
If you can keep up that style of humour it looks as if there is a distinct possibility of a 5 star game.

Review for Soporification
11 Apr 2018
I like this one. Very cleverly done. Didn't agree with other reviewer about adding artwork, it IS after all a text game. Reminded me of Spondre.

25 Sep 2015
I don't usually bother with zombie games, but this is how you write 'em.
Great realism of a very unreal situation.

Review for spondre
13 Dec 2014
The atmosphere and invention of this game bordered on genius. The fact that it was short did not matter. So much was fitted into a small space. The best game I have ever played.

Review for The last alliance
09 Dec 2014
Stirring stuff well imagined, but could be longer.

Review for Tic-Tac-Toe
08 Dec 2014
Great game. A lot of effort went in here. Perhaps other games could be adapted to play this way. I may try doing just that.

19 Nov 2014
A definite five. I wish I could write like this.

Review for Slaying The Beast
04 Nov 2014
Impressive. A true wordsmith.

Review for Master Riddler
09 Oct 2014
This is a wonderful game. I enjoy a good conundrum and thinking outside the box is definitely needed here. Great job

Review for The Tower
05 Jul 2014
This is how you write a game. I think this game has everything.

Review for Falcon-6
22 Apr 2014
Brilliant. This is what it's all about .

06 Mar 2014

22 Feb 2014
Brilliant. Well thought through. Clothes/clothing (didn't understand clothes ) threw me a bit .

Review for White Dragons
19 Feb 2014
This game is very good . Great concept . A little thin on descriptions but great puzzles . I thought there was no way out of the prison but how I missed it I don't know . Doh!
Great game!