Short, amusing riff on the niche-audience building capabilities of the internet and the problems with comments.
A goofy game based on the classic MST3K episode "Mitchell". You play Mitchell, a slob of a slab of a cop, who always gets his man...... and his beer. Game can be played without any knowledge of MST3K, but it certainly helps.
You are trapped in a dungeon, and the only way out is to defeat the elementals in it.
Written on a whim on an evening in July. This is a silly game.
You decided to host the party of one of your friends' kids for a little bit of extra cash. BAD DECISION!!! Can you survive a party of crazy, sugar-hyped five year olds? Play through this game book style choose your own adventure to find out if you can keep them happy until their parents come and take them home. Also, I just made some bug fixes and changed the playing style. Hope you enjoy version 1.1 of my first game!
Loin, a small orphan boy living in the stable at Castle Cum-Ere-A-Lot, has dreams of becoming a Knight of the Brown Table. But first he has to prove himself... This game is my third attempt, I hope you enjoy it.
If you've ever worked in an office or had that dead-end-job, hopefully/sadly you'll recognize yourself as you try to make the right choices throughout a common day at the rat race – surely not being the rat that finally exits the maze. Remember that you always have a choice.
You are stuck inside a creepy hotel room in Boston and need to escape. How can losing precious brain parts learning learning occult magicks, former president Millard Fillmore, and time traveling to the Irish Potato Famine help you get outta there? Find out in this IF written as part of the Original PAX Speed-IF.
The left-wing counterpart to Wall Street Hero! Lead your communist brethren against the facist-American oppressors in this glorious quest of proletariat prosperity! Forward, comrade! Not one step back! DISCLAIMER: As with Wall Street Hero, this is simply a figure of entertainment. None of this is to be taken seriously.

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