Welcome to The Pilgrims Progress (TA) Stage 1 by Jason Dyer, based on the book by John Bunyan (1628-1688). You can read the book at the following web site: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/bunyan/pilgrim.html
You are Mr. Smiles, a world famous adventurer. You are on the hunt for the Tome of Power, an ancient artifact fabled to contain the means to use magic. This is my first Quest game, and I hope you enjoy it. It has been a blast using the program and I look forward to making many more games with Quest. The game is pretty linear, but the last choice you make will decide what ending you get. Anyway, have fun! EDIT: Almost forgot, I really gotta thank the guys at "Partners in Rhyme" for all the awesome sound effects and music they have provided for this game.
German "Indiana Jones"-style interactive Story. Deutsche interaktive Geschichte im "Indiana Jones" Stil.
This is an adaptation of the story of Theseus volunteering to be part of the Cretian Minotaur's tributary meal. You're condemned to navigate through a maze in which the dreaded Minotaur of Crete makes his home... can you survive?
In this interactive story you will guide Darvaedius through his thrilling journey.
Survive, Innovate, Create--Thrive! Recreate the birth and early development of society as you move through the four original cradles of human civilization: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and Ancient China.
You are spawned in Ancient Rome when being a gladiator was the new up and coming. Note that several decisions you make could be a matter of life and death or it could have an affect on your character's style. "He has come to bring justice, the truth and to live his dream" Compelled in Twine - Presented on Text Adventures
You, are Arthur Fawkes, a private in the British Army sent to the front of WW1, along with your brother Bill This is the finished version, no further updates are going to be issued. This is also the only game I'm going to probably take seriously.
Spearhead a revolution and overthrow the monarchy...or play as the monarchy and quash a revolution before it happens. In this cunning game of deceit and intrigue, become entangled in crafting the perfect plan to collapse — or preserve — the crown.
1854 and you are a young doctor struggling to find the cause of a deadly disease that is rampaging through the streets of London.
A choose your own adventure story set in Poland 1939.

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