An archaeologist in a post-apocalyptic world searches for a missing comrade.
In this game, you take the place of either Frank or Sarah. Your only memory is your name. You know nothing of your past. The only thing that you can see is darkness. But it's a darkness that seems to have a life of it's own. What shadowy secrets does it hold? You find out when you wake up to see a man with bad breath and a dirty beard standing over you, rambling about you stealing his sheep.
Arrrr! Your dream of being the captain of your own pirate ship is about to come true! Hunt treasure and plunder all the swag there is!
In this game you will explore ThereIsNoMafiaHereVille, a large happy town with a powerful mafia. This town is not happy in all ways, however... an incredibly corrupt mayor is unintentionally making unemployment rates skyrocket. You will begin without a job and forced to work for the mafia to make a living... and to kill the mayor who has ruined your life. You begin outside a tavern that will affect your life unfathomably (if you go get a drink inside that is).
There MIGHT be another version of this game coming out from the police force's point of view.

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