ChristmaKwanzakkah by Steve Lingle

This is the game that I finished last December and I never uploaded it in here. It has been sitting in an old forum thread in the Axeuk forums and as of this moment, has been downloaded 20 times.
I didn't want another year to go by without me uploading a game so have fun with this one until I get around to uploading another one. Below is some helpful info that I had posted in the forum about the gameplay and bugs.

[quote]Be aware of the right panel as you play. Certain objects and exits become available without the room description telling you so. Here are some things to be aware of.
- In the toy room after you look at the certain objects in the room, weapons appear. When you "take all", the only response it gives you is that you can't pick up the shelf or the chest or the bag. It does not tell you that you actually picked up the weapons. Double check your inventory afterwards by typing "i" or "inventory"
- In Christmas Kevin's room, there is a southern exit that is not mentioned. There is a keyhole that must be dealt with to continue south.
- In Hanukkah Hank's room after you defeat him, the description ends with "press any key" but nothing else happens. But in fact, the EAST door becomes available. Just go east after you beat him.[/quote]

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Review by daeun
15 Feb 2024
This is a complete game, but I just find the world building and gameplay logic strange.

Review by MiserablePenguin
19 Mar 2015
I like it!

Review by mclovin
31 Mar 2012
kwanza is kwazy and made up

Review by Paladin
09 Mar 2012
A little tricky, but fun!

Review by LinaLyssic
24 Apr 2011
I laughed several times through the game. It was short, nothing very remarkable (doesn't mean it wasn't good though) but you really are a comedic genius. I loved it!

Review by Stephen Brown
30 Aug 2010

Great game Steve, it's a shame you're really busy these days and thus don't really have time to make new ones. If you ever are able to create another game by chance though, let me know!

Review by Tim Hamilton
22 Oct 2009
It was kinda fun and you can beat the game. Definately not long enough for me. I like longer games.

Review by Andrew Trewin
23 Dec 2008
Why didn't you post this before? Its absolutely BRILLIANT!

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Published 22 Dec 2008

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