Be the Dragon: Skyrim by British Brony

Take to the skies of Skyrim as one of the newly resurrected dragons appearing off the back of alduins return. You will encounter many choices along the way; will you survive, or will you simply be another dragon for the Dragonborn to slay?
The Blackreach update is now live.
Update notes:
A new storyline, should you chose to make your lair in Blackreach
Less confusing font
Many more ways to die

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Review by 101titan101
16 Jan 2017
Would've been nice to have more dragon pillaging and whatnot but other than that this is amazing.

Review by Nick_Crafter
31 Oct 2016
The story was well done, lots of endings, this is what I expect to see with a text adventure and you did it well...
You may want to fix the spelling and grammar errors though, they are a tad bit annoying

Review by The Lowly Slime
07 Oct 2016
Really good, lots of endings (and i explored them all.)

27 Jul 2016
I have to say the game is GREAT! The only way to make it better would be a Donald Trump option, but considering how the game plays it's not entirely necessary.

Review by KYS
26 Jul 2016
This is, what, the only Skyrim game out there on this site with a tangeable ending. I've gotta say, I'm pretty impressed to find an actual game instead of some troll Gamebook which hasn't even been written properly or ends within seconds of starting it. It's gotta be the only Skyrim Gamebook to actually be classified as fantasy; as it should be - commendable.

Review by Bipolarbear
26 Jul 2016
This game literately went from hardly any effective choices to having a plethora of different choices, at least in the "Blackreach" storyline, where I'm pretty sure if you replay it would yield a different ending every time.

Review by Footfan25
26 Jul 2016
Very much the grandeur of Dragon text adventures, at least to a certain extend, although the Overworld storyline could use some work, it was a pretty fantastic game.

Review by AC Me Rolin
25 Jul 2016
Blackreach is a pretty dark set of choices. Seriously though, at least the font is actually readable now, revealing a pretty solid game. Keep updating to make some more choices

Review by tiger189a
23 Jul 2016
I really like this, but, like almost every gamebook game, doesn't really have much meaningful choices!
I'd love to see the story branch with every decision I make, even if that means that I die a lot.

I'd give it 5 stars, but the choices seem to meaningless for me and the typeset is too hard to read!

Review by Maxyvolt
23 Jul 2016
I happened to be a huge fan of Skyrim, and an even bigger fan of being a dragon. For me, this was consequently a good combination.

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Written by
British Brony

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 22 Jul 2016
Updated 25 Jul 2016