Be the Dragon: Skyrim by British Brony

Take to the skies of Skyrim as one of the newly resurrected dragons appearing off the back of alduins return. You will encounter many choices along the way; will you survive, or will you simply be another dragon for the Dragonborn to slay?
The Blackreach update is now live.
Update notes:
A new storyline, should you chose to make your lair in Blackreach
Less confusing font
Many more ways to die

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Review by Tomtomtom145
03 Oct 2017
To short but its solid

Review by Snowleopard743
15 Sep 2017
It sounds so very good but I keep trying to play it but it just doesn't load I will try until I get it though because it sounds very good

Review by GameofChocolate
30 Aug 2017
I got to the 2nd choice and it froze and wouldn't save. i reloaded it and tried to save it right after the second choice and it froze again. I give up. I tried to get it to save many times and I don't feel like playing the first few choices over and over.

Review by VerdantVerbiage
28 Jul 2017
This game is fairly entertaining. It's also interesting how some of the pathways fit into the events of the actual game. It would be nice if it was longer, though.

Review by phenioxGaming
25 Jul 2017
This was a really good game and i look foward to seeing more choices and difrent kinds of dragons. keep up the good work!

Review by Nekvin
23 May 2017
I find it very good.
Maybe some more choices and diferent endings would be better.

Review by Wee_Z
24 Mar 2017
All of it was great but just make longer stories and more dragons.

Review by incognitiounsure
04 Feb 2017
Could be better with more ending but good

Review by Scar_Wolf
19 Jan 2017
Awesome I love skyrim and I love dragon
I actually tamed one dragon with a glitch
Also a wolf

Review by 101titan101
16 Jan 2017
Would've been nice to have more dragon pillaging and whatnot but other than that this is amazing.

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British Brony

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 22 Jul 2016
Updated 25 Jul 2016