The Statue of Riddles by Andrew Trewin

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You have found a secret temple in the Amazon jungle. Will you be able to make it through to the ending? Let's find out!

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Review by Carrot
27 Jun 2013
This was OK, but I have only given this 3 stars for a few reasons.

It is very short, and while there is a small element of the standard text adventure in fixing the canoe to get to the island to get the tool to gain entrance to the temple, the rest is just riddles (don't get me wrong though, I like riddles).

1 stupidly tough algebra problem (not really a riddle) - I don't mind these sort of problems as a general rule, but maybe a little less complexity. There was too much math involved. Something like "brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my fathers son - who is he?"

The fact you have to start over each time - in itself I actually like this, but it is nullified by being able to save, so it is just adding an extra step by requiring you to save before each encounter.

The ending - I am hoping it is meant to be a joke (or that I somehow got the wrong ending), because otherwise spending your time playing a game to get to the end to be effectively told "you have wasted your time" is not very nice. Especially when it is in 72 point bold green text!

There were a couple of spelling mistakes, the one I remember was getting a correct answer in the madness room, to be told I was "crrect" by each of the three inquisitors.

Also, in the final meeting with the Overloard, it kept saying <ERROR> at the bottom of the room descriptions.

Other than that, not bad!

Review by CJ592
15 Feb 2009
A good game with some good riddles. But like others had said, when you answered one wrong you had to start right from the beginning. And there were a couple of riddles where I was just guessing!

Review by GAMER!
14 Feb 2009
This was a good game. However it was annoying if you even got 1 riddle wrong you either got chopped up by an axe or impaled by thanatos. And the ending was cool.

Review by DePaw
13 Feb 2009
Nice game with challenging riddles. Bad that it killed you if you got even one answer wrong, meant playing through several times, saving a lot, or cheating via asl file or internet. Other than that it was fun though a few riddles were worded badly and many answers could be argued to be right (candle verses fire).

Some things weren't so obvious with commands. There were two that had to be typed, while everything else was clickable ('use canoe' and 'open sarcophagus', the latter is nasty to spell too).

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Written by
Andrew Trewin

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Written for Quest 4.0
Published 11 Feb 2009
Updated 25 May 2014

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