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Review by Emipop325
12 Mar 2015
Excellent story line and detail, but there was no solid outcome or explanation as to why any of this is happening - that was annoying! I played all possible choices and there was no ending; not really anyway, he just kept going home! But still, the writing was good.

Review by Ranique
31 Jan 2015
I don't get it

Review by adrao
11 Jan 2015
An interesting little story, I like its style and pace, though some of the story-lines are definitively too short...

Review by onionmachine
24 Jul 2014
The text is good. I do prefer longer stories, but this is short and sweet. I do wish you edit the language, and perhaps more on the road bike option.

Review by Henry Chairman
09 Jul 2014
This story is short, sweet and to the point. It offers many diffrent choices all with diffrent outcomes.

Review by naradi
02 Jul 2014
umm....... a bit of bad language for an "everyone" rated story, but overall pretty good. Nice and short.

Review by Manny_D
02 Jul 2014
so great : *insert minimum ten characters*

Review by Tom C.L.
26 Jun 2014
I enjoy short gamebooks like this. I absolutely loved it.

Review by outlandish
14 Jun 2014
Very interesting story and world. I enjoyed trying the different choices. It was very short but it would be great to know more about this world and character.

Review by Ronathan
28 May 2014
Amazing Storytelling,but that fell short.
The Story is very small,and much smaller than I expected.
Its like Showing us an amazing burger,looks fantastic,but you can't taste it because its even lesser than half a bite.
Its really a shame,because this story had lots of potential.

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