The Intruder by ChickenManBird

You are home alone, but an unwanted visitor wants to have a word with you.
Review by emmodii
22 Sep 2017
So basically, all the choices lead to "your dead". It's not even grammatically correct...

Well, at least it's short enough that restarting to go through all the choices wasn't such a pain in the ass.

Review by VideoGamer
16 Aug 2017
Ok to start off, the game has a nice look to it but the lack of variety in endings is kinda sad. Especially since its a quest game. Also, if your going to have a game with just 1 ending, then make a game with a good and convincing story that will feed the reader throughout.

Review by yaycats
27 Jun 2017
I love how every time you die it says "your dead", but other than that it's not all that good

Review by LeisureSuit Larry
26 Jun 2017
O.O player has attribute = difficulty spelling.
I "thing" @gameSoul missed a few, maybe it's my "inmagination"
the lack of a good ending is also worrying, The angel of death lurks round every corner. I would have loved to have checked the cupboard for a weapon like a metal baseball bat before pushing it in front of the door.

Review by broadwaydude
25 Jun 2017
I'm a bit disappointed on how short the game is. I would really love more of this.

Review by gameSoul
24 Jun 2017
Built alright, provides a desire to try again when you fail. That said, the (spoilers) inability to win no matter what is somewhat disappointing. Also, "you're" not "your". Other than that grammar is fairly decent.

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