Victorian Detective by peter123

You're a great detective living in Victorian London. Your internal monologue will guide you by clicking on links in the body of text as you investigate a seemingly average mugging.

Your eidetic memory is represented by your ability to reread all the story you've experienced...

Your intensely fast analyzing ability is represented by your unlimited time between choices...

Your vast knowledge is represented by the internet...

London needs you!

Please comment and rate my games, and if you enjoy the Victorian Detective series I would be happy if you voted on which game you thought was the best. Follow the link below to vote.

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Review by LunarRosa
16 May 2019
I didn't realize that it would keep track of my choices lol so unfortunately I cheated a lot through the it and I can't put an honest score up this time. Really good story though. The drawings are adorable too! :D

Review by gdawg21
23 Apr 2019
Love this whole series!

Review by OctoCreeper
08 Apr 2019
I don’t think I need to say much


Review by felitheist
02 Apr 2019
super fun and really gets ur braincells going!

Review by BoyPorridge
10 Mar 2019
It's a really cool game to play if you've got time or bored.

23 Feb 2019
Aside from two perceived spelling errors (which do not detract from the game at all) the game/story was perfectly executed. Any fan of Holmes would enjoy reading through this short interactive piece.

Review by mdemslie1
23 Dec 2018
Fantastic. I loved the subtle but attainable clues. It really makes you work for a good score, it's definitely not a throw-away dumpy detective story. Loved it!!

Review by ThatWDude
28 Nov 2018
The game was frankly amazing. Great replay-ability, rewards for picking the right choice, fantastic illustrations, great detail, and challenge! It’s everything I look for in a mystery text adventure!

All in all, a fantastic play all around and a good recommendation for anyone.

Review by Megabits2
25 Nov 2018
Really satisfying to play yet not too easy that you'll not do any work

Review by comop man
10 Nov 2018
is was great except sometimes i felt like what was right had no evidence and it was just a guess other than that is was awesome.

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