Xanadu - The World's Only Hope by XanMag

You are Xanadu Magoo, a somewhat decent science teacher at a not-so-prestigious school for the behaviorally challenged. You are not incredibly impressive in any way whatsoever, so you are surprised Marcus Straussberger, a former high school acquaintance (you like to call him a friend) and current military icon recruits you for a mission. You are to accompany him to the abandoned compound of a rogue terrorist who goes by the name of Dr. Dingo. 'Strauss' tells you that he wants you to go along because of your interest and knowledge of the subjects you teach - chemistry and physics - and that having you there will make his job in tracking this Enemy of the State go much more smoothly. Your adventure begins innocently enough when you are riding in the backseat of a army issued vehicle with your "good friend", but that changes quickly when you are ambushed by mysterious men dressed in black. Before you know it, you and the vehicle you are riding in are airborne. You come to moments later, separated from 'Strauss' and stranded on a rocky outcropping thirty feet below your burning vehicle.

Equipped with only bad luck and unattractiveness, you must now (as an American Patriot) withstand the heat of the scorching desert, avoid being killed by ruthless assassins, and make your way into the compound in hopes of reuniting with what is most likely your only means of survival.

Some of the puzzles are a bit tricky. Please ask if you have any questions! Happy gaming!

Cover Art: from https://pixabay.com/

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Review by lemonade123456789
05 Mar 2024
super hard and annoying do not play ever worse than a big poop

Review by daeun
19 Feb 2024
Why are your games so hard?

Review by professor_who
05 May 2022
This is a great game! The puzzles are really ingenious and engaging. The commands can be a little difficult to figure out, but the author is extremely helpful. If you're willing to reach out to him for assistance, it's totally worth your while.

Review by 69420hahafunni
11 Mar 2022
Is nice. I would like for the game to become more command friendly but other than that its a very nice text adventure.

Review by erana
16 Dec 2021
Really can not give you a review of what lies behind the intro, but I can give you a review of the intro: it was so grating that erased from existence any desire whatsoever I could have of playing this game. If you are willing to take the rish of checking if the intro is not representative of the game, be my guest. But as a writter, I must say that the job of an intro is to catch your atention, not to give you no desire at all to continue. If the author failed his job at the intro so blatantly, what guarantee do I have that he didn't similarly fail his job at other parts of the game?

Review by CYOAgal
01 Dec 2021
Very good except for typed timing. That is not a good design.

Review by Nancok
23 Feb 2020
I died at the beggining because i looked away, aparently you have to type against time in what's suposed to be a mistery puzzle game, that's what i call bad game design
But that's not all, at the beggining i tried to speak with Strauss to find out that even while flying trough the air from an explosion he has the exact same dialogue with no option to at least say something different and that the beggining is basically a cutscene where it doesn't matter what you do
I needed short of 2 minutes to dislike this

Review by bozwellox
02 May 2019
I actually played part 2 first, because I'm weird like that. This one is much shorter but equally entertaining. A couple of parts had me stumped as you have to say exactly the right thing, which isn't immediately obvious (the tree bit), but got there in the end (with a little help from XanMag!).


Review by Richard Headkid
19 May 2018
This is a very good game, filled with laughs and adventure.

The puzzles are well constructed, the riddles are challenging but not too difficult. The maze wasn't too bad (since there are plenty of objects to drop so you can map it). There are a few places where you need to enter specific commands to make something happen (and clicking things which seem to be telling the game the same thing does not have the desired effect, so beware).

Plus, if you get stuck, you can just contact the author. He's more than happy to provide help and/or hints!

Rating: 9/10

Review by Sinca12
26 Oct 2017
Truly incredible. There were some bugs (ex the gui allowed you to press up before the tree existed and you were even able to "throw rope at bough" and climb up the tree before it existed making the water part pretty useless.) But the author is extremely active and even more helpful! I can tell this took a lot of work! Lots of clever puzzles. I can't wait to do the next one!

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