Patients or Dangers? by Mango art

You are a doctor working for CDC. There has been a recent outbreak of a strange virus, it spreads through water, blood, and saliva. Symptoms include acid build up in the brain and lack of regenerative cells. The acids burn through everything that makes the host... well... human. Basically causing them to revert back to wild animals. Meanwhile, most of the unimportant parts of the body have rotted, the body still struggles to heal itself, and causes the patient to desire food. Especially protein, so they'll hunt down other people and eat them without remorse. Anyways, you find yourself in the hospital studying a patient in the coma in between two of the three stages of the virus. 1. Dormancy, usually lasting about 5 hours. 2. Symptomatic phase, where it just seems like a normal sickness 3. Critical phase, following a 6 hour sleep, awakening as an animal. Can you cure the virus and save humanity? Will you die during the outbreak? Will you end up selfish and fight for yourself?

Note. This... is a really long game. I worked for days on this, and has lots of endings. Only play this if you have the time to get immersed in the story

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Review by funkyspunk90
20 Sep 2016
Really not that long. There are a million zombie games on here- this one has a more interesting premise than most, more empathetic, about how you react- But before long it becomes more just like the usual ones, picking choices and hoping you survive.
I played through to a couple of successful endings, and the game doesn't really seem to go anywhere - Both times it just ended quite suddenly, and talked about big moral choices having been made although I'd only made 3 or 4 decisions myself and mostly pretty practical ones!
Some really good descriptions especially at the beginning, but it really needs proof reading! It's a shame more of the game wasn't like the beginning, with more ethical/medical decisions.

Review by Ozzy S.T.
23 Apr 2016
Thank you for a very entertaining game, Mango art. Highly recommended to all those that appreciate good writing.
This really is a pleasure to read, for it's so damn well written. Love your style, Mango art.
I agree with the comment by flysquirrel775. The game is really not that long. In fact, I have successfuly finished it in less than 10 minutes. The author points out that there are several different endings, so the replayability factor is definitely here.
Awesome work.

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Published 05 Feb 2016