When I Grow Up by Questing

Its your first day of school, and you see your neighbor getting picked on. What will you do? Careful. The choice you make will effect your entire life!

This is a "choose your own path" story where your decisions will lead you to different endings. Can you find all 19 of them? Let me know in the comments below which ending(s) you got.
Review by Heres a problem
09 Feb 2020
😂🙌🏽 gg bruv

Review by Catlover4life
08 Jun 2019
i just wish you had more choices

01 Jun 2018
honestly this is a fantastic game

Review by BMenSD
21 Jul 2017
I recommend this story for it's many interesting endings, however, it kind of felt all over the place because it never really took the time to explain what was going on. Besides that and a few grammatical errors, it was still overall an entertaining 20-30 minutes.

Review by 2273nate
17 Jul 2017
It's alright a few grammar errors but yeah it reminds me of another game called alter ego.

Grammar: 3/5 a few mistakes here and there and some missing words in sentences.

Story line: 3/5 I felt like I was jumping from place to place. One second I am in a school fighting bullies the next I am traveling in time or whatever but you don't get to experience it really before it pushes you off to the next part of the story where you graduate. It could be good just needs some improvement. It is really creative but maybe a little too unrealistic for the category it's in.

Ending: 4/5 I liked the ending but still could use help.

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