Mystery Quest by Christian Draper

This is a mystery game similar to Laura Bow: The Colonel's Bequest by Sierra. It has a simple plot with commands you could use if you really were there.

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Review by zanessa~
30 Aug 2007
kool game.wuht is a dumb waiter anywayz?

Review by Auron Dimitri
14 Jun 2004
The game was fair, however, it had a few minor negative aspects to it which kept it from gaining a higher rating. The effort put into this game was obvious however, and if the same amount of effort is used again, this game could easily gain a five out of five.

A very basic problem that the game had was that it had an overall short length. An experienced gamer could beat this under 10 minutes, and even a beginner could in that time with maybe a peak in the Quest Game Editor. That leads me to my next problem-I was stuck in the game for a bit and since I thought I tried everything, I should check the editor, something I very rarely do. Checking however, I discovered that my intentions were correct. *SPOILER* At the front lawn there was the pickup truck, which I examined and it said "It appears to be unlocked." I tried "Open pickup truck" yet it did not work and I checked the editor. For some reason it was just "open truck." *SPOILER END* Maybe an alias thing could have helped at that point.

But to the good-the game had some fun (despite brief) riddles and had fantastic descriptions. Almost every option had a good description-and they were a good length to. No description was very long and dull, and one was too brief and useless. The simple plot even worked well with the game and its concept.

Overall the game is good, but could have been a bit longer; some alias use could have helped at 1, or 2 parts of the game. But despite the minor room for improvement, the game was fun and worthwhile.

Review by David Whyld
10 Nov 2003
Descriptions were sparse for the most part and the standard of writing wasn't, to be honest, very good at all. It wasn't a complete stinker of a game and was fairly easy to make progress with but I really couldn't recommend it to anyone.

Review by Matthew G
25 Oct 2003
A good game, great storyline, but it lacks time. I completed the game in under 5 minutes
I had to peek in QDK a few times though becuase it wasn't immediately obvious what to do.
But, overall, it's a good game. make it a bit longer and i'll give it 5 stars!
matthew G

Review by aaron
18 Oct 2003
i want to download my mystery

Review by sgt.raynor
20 Sep 2003
i really love sierra games. this reminded me a lot of it. the commands are very free to use. great job!

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Written by
Christian Draper

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Written for Quest 3.11
Published 18 Sep 2003

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