A Pathetic Life:Survive the high school by pnguyen22

Hi guys, welcome back to my games. So this is my second game that I made! Hope You Enjoy it!

Basically, you are a worker inside a high school. That night, you were cleaning the hallway
ALONE when suddenly, you heard a sound at the end of the hallway and also weird things would happen.

There isn't enough space for two categories, so this is an adventurous horror game!

This will be a series of games and yeah! What are you waiting for, click that play button!

BTW, part 2 coming soon!

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Review by funkyspunk90
02 Feb 2017
I'm guessing English isn't the author's first language, because there are tons of writing mistakes constantly.
Incredibly short - basically you just make 1 decision, and then it ends or you die randomly.

Review by Hormus
19 Dec 2016
I really like this. It's short, very creative, and also gives you an air of mystery. The reason I like short ones is because you don't waste your time wandering around from one room to another, with no idea of what's going on. I created my first game, "Doctor You", just a few minutes ago. Keep up the good work! ;)

Review by Regisblackgaard
15 Dec 2016
sorry for the 2 stars kid.
1. this could better as a textadventure, but then maybe not. you choose!
2. this is one of the games where you make a random choice and hope it is the right one. those games SUCK and are extremely boring/frustrating.
3. basically i look out a window and die. WOOOOOW
5. great writing, otherwise would be a 1 star. its really like a 2.5 stars, but you REALLY REALLY want a story where the person finishes and feels like they havent wasted 30 minutes (or seconds in your case) and have instead actually had fun.

i suggest you put this back in the WIP category, and perhaps put all your chapters in the same game. that way it would be longer, more enjoyable at the end, and we would all enjoy more of your great writing.

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