Fatal Island Part 2 by Renagrade

You and 7 others have survived the plane crash, but what faces you on the beach is far more dangerous than escaping the plane was.

(Over 100 pages. Trust me, this game gives you loads of freedom to explore different paths to beat the game.)

Please leave a review, I would really appreciate it! If you find ANY typos, please tell me in the comments.

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Review by Golden PenGirl
18 Jul 2018
I hate that I keep dying! But overall it was a good game.

Review by BrynBox
05 Jul 2018
well made and very action packed. wish it was a bit longer though

Review by karinchan999
29 May 2018
Fantastic! I can't say part 1 is better but both are really great! It's got the thrill feeling like I'm watching a movie. It's longer and has so many choices to choose from, which is fun. It's okay to die over and over to explore the other options xD.

I'm not sure if you plan on doing a part 3 but I am looking forward to see more of this. :D

Review by Sazzle
17 Nov 2017
my first game here loved it, both of them

Review by TheUnleashedPiraat
01 Nov 2017
Achievement- Savior! You saved as many people as was possible in the game!

Review by raphie
13 Oct 2017
I managed to get achievement defeat the savage

Review by Antonerj
29 Sep 2017
Really nice game, well done

Review by WolfLover555
25 Aug 2017
this was an amazing game and I enjoyed it very much but, there was a typo i saw in one of the death endings. "'Goodbye,' he says pulling a small needle out of his clothes and stabs both of you in the arm"

well... he only brought you to the fire and the girl ran away so...

Review by IlhamArif
28 Jul 2017
I really like your Fatal Island games. They capture the feeling of fear and joy. It is a really good game. Can you please make a part 3? Just asking

Review by ThatGuyWynters
14 Jul 2017
I'm new to text-based games, and this is the first gamebook that I've played. (I've also played Nameless Quest and a little Zork, but this was less confusing). Having said that, I don't have a whole lot to compare this to, but overall I enjoyed it. I had some difficulty getting from one link to the next, but I think that was a problem with my laptop, and not any fault of yours. Part 1 was disappointingly short, but interesting enough to convince me to seek out this one, and it only took me about seven attempts to survive. I got a different achievement (nice touch, by the way) on every attempt.

Overall, Fatal Island was fun, and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

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