Cheese Adventures by The Mighty Achoo

As you walk through the many rooms of the cheese factory you meet interesting people and encounter different situations. Meet the Salt Rider, Arnold the Slug, Bessy the cow and the Ultimate cow.

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Review by Anonymous
11 Oct 2003
This game is totally useless! I get stuck in the second room. As far as it goes this game sucks on ice.

Review by Flarn R Norton
17 Aug 2003
Doesn't seem to be much rooms.
Can't escape from tunnel/milking room area, yet
seem to need to go there.

12 Jun 2003
What can you say about a game like this, which is stupid yet fun? Download this one; as entertaining as it is pointless.

03 Jan 2003
I have to say that this game is quite worth playing, although... there is no point. But otherwise, it is good for some laughs, and the description is legnthy (if in-your-face). I think that a game, built off of this one, that takes place within the cheese factory with more rooms, puzzles, and plot would make a sure winner.

Highs: Funny, fun, creative.

Lows: Too short, lacks plot (but who cares?! Download it).

Review by Carlii Cortez1
01 Jul 2002
Firstly I should tell you that this game has more bugs that I piece of swiss cheese. But despite this and the cheesy title, this game is definetly worth download. You are in a cheese factory and you have to walk around, speaking to certain cows and other crazy characters. Even Sally Struthers is in this game and stars as a fat cow milk-making machine.

Review by Elliott Maglio
01 Jul 2002
Its a very pointless game. But its fun!

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Written for Quest 2.17
Added 11 Apr 2001