Warrior Cats by Creeper_Archer109

Here you play as Violetflame, a dark grey she-cat who lives in ThunderClan. I may make #2!

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Review by ToxicThoughts666
16 Nov 2019
Good job, great game

20 May 2019
I don't give a FRICK about Darkfeather. But oh no, you HAVE TO be mates with him. Atleast make multiple toms to be with, y'know! There's no other way to go than 'be mates with darkfeather' and it makes the game really shallow and mediocre. It's also not interesting at all. I'm sorry, but this game needs to just be restarted completely. It's like a fake cake; It looks nice, but when you bite into it it's horrible.

Review by Krystallix3
03 Mar 2019
This game is good. It was fairly short though, and everything went by very fast. There was only one major event, and then the rest of the event so were only small pieces about Violetflame’s life. You forgot to expand further on the elder bush fight, it ends blankly without having an end like the nursery fight pathways.
The game description is very short. You could add things to it, such as some of Violetflame’s family and friends, some context, or foreshadowing for what is going to happen in the game.
The good ending is very abrupt. It isn’t where there is plain no end like some games, but it just speeds by. I hope this feedback helps for both users and you, Creeper Archer.

Review by pollygussie
02 Sep 2018
Its Amazing!

Review by noam15A
31 Aug 2018
Amazing story! I'd love to see a sequel!

Review by arashinome
28 Aug 2018
This definitely contains some potential, and whilst some parts seemed random, and jumbled,I enjoyed it overall!

Review by Moonwatcher 2.0
21 May 2018
Pretty good! However, the writing was a little choppy and it was a mite short.

Review by Livvylubug
23 Apr 2018
its so SAD

Review by archerqueen08
30 Jan 2018
It's on the right track but the writing was a bit choppy and some parts just appeared out of the blue.

Review by Kitty-Chan
30 Jan 2018
You need to make more warrior cat games. :)

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