Everyman by Siddi

Game: Simon Deimel
Beta testing: Sharareh Monfared
Official release 5.

An everyman is a character with hardly any outstanding features. Just an average guy doing some boring job and living in an apartment. You already know him, even before talking with him.
In this adventure you are an everyman. But there is more to you than just a couple of cliches. Show the world what you are made of.
The parser is basic and there are no extraordinary commands necessary. If you don't find the right syntax, try using one thing on another.

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Review by XanMag
30 Mar 2015
3.5 - Pretty good. No errors. A little short for my liking (~25 minute completion time), but as previous player suggested, it was interesting enough to keep me playing until the end.. Try Xanadu! Happy gaming!

Review by mspenguin1974
30 Mar 2015
Pretty easy, but a few times I had to think a little to figure out what needed to be done. The puzzles were easy overall and yet it kept me interested enough up til the end. Very good little game. Nice ending, too. Positive message was appreciated.


Review by honestly
23 Jul 2014
I enjoyed it.

Review by Claire6129
31 Dec 2013
I didn't finish it yet, but so far it is great.
Also, Siddi, please check out some of my other games, I know that they aren't the best, but I am trying oh so hard, and I don't have a whole lot of time to complete a great, long game like yours; I get bored continuing on with the same game. So… yeah!

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 24 Sep 2013
Updated 20 Jul 2014

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