Get Out of The House! by Steve Lingle

"You are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Well, that might be exaggerating. You are about to embark on a very small quest to get out of a house." This game is intended for a good laugh. Ridiculous things happen (purposely), yet the puzzles are not too bizarre and actually make some sense.

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Review by UserName #50244
03 Apr 2015
Very funny and well made.

Review by Tom Gridley
01 Sep 2008
My favorite part is when you pick up the couch and the dude says, Who do you think you are,seirious sam? its a pretty good game.

Review by emojo
05 Jan 2008
i cant get out the living room

Review by Sami
26 May 2007
This is so hard I have no idea how to get the bottle open....I do enjoy all the humor in the game, yet there may be a little bit of errors, I still enjoy it very much. Is there anyway to help me with the bottle?

Review by christine
23 May 2005
Very fun game... altough I am not sure if I won. I made it outside, but the game seems to keep going, am I missing something?


Review by Alfred
21 May 2005
Though honestly I didn't beat the game in full (only because every time I look at the screen now)I feel this is a good game and you fools who couldn't even figure out the pencil cork-screw thing, I laugh at you....where was I? Oh yes reviewing ummm... This game tickled my mind and made me feel good when I completed those sadistic puzzles. The humor-great, the storyline incoprehensible and a solid text adventure.:) Nice job Steve.

Review by Sam1
14 May 2005
Funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! *falls off chair*

Review by Minsc
15 Apr 2005
AWSOME GAME VARY FUNNY but im stuck how do i open the locked door i have a rust laden key but it wont let me use it enless i just not type the right comand.

Review by Ryan Lingle
29 Sep 2004
All I can say is....
This game is INCREDIBLE, if not perfect!!!
This has got to be the absolute best non-professional (I guess that would be amateur) text based game I have ever played in my entire life!
No kidding!
I'm going to go put a chair in my pants and rip my arms off on a window!
..and then I will download the game and actually play it.
Go get 'em, Steve. :)



Review by David Whyld
20 Sep 2004
I started this game fully expecting to give up within five minutes (a common thing when playing a Quest game) but I actually found myself quite liking it. It's not perfect - a long way from perfect in fact - but it's amusingly written and has some nice touches and seems, for the first time, to be a Quest game that might actually be worth playing.

The storyline makes little sense, although the game does tell you this to begin with. In short: you're in a house and must escape. That's the gist of it. In fact, that's the entire storyline from start to finish. Nothing particularly engaging but then engaging storylines aren't a requirement of text adventures.

The location descriptions are okay for the most part and a few have nice comic touches, but they're also a little jarring in that most of them begin with a short line telling you which location you're in and then, several lines further down, you get another line telling you which location you're in. There's also needless duplication of exits: they're nicely listed at the beginning of the location description so you know which way to go and then described again in the actual body of the text. Some of this might be the fault of the program but it's something that the writer should, and probably is, capable of correcting and really should have done.

Most static (non-moveable) items are described which is a refreshing change from other Quest games I've played, although unfortunately most of these descriptions are lacking in depth and often last for no more than a few words. The description of the TV is quite unusual in that it says "it's a TV

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Written by
Steve Lingle

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Written for Quest 3.5
Published 19 Sep 2004

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