Fatal Island Part 1 by Renagrade

You are jolted awake by a thunderous rattling noise. It takes you a minute to realize where you are. You're in a 747 airplane on your way to New York City, and your plane is about to go down.

Find a way to survive the plane crash and make it to shore.

There ARE multiple ways to complete the game.

THANK YOU FOR 20,000! :O :D That's just crazy!

If you have the time, I would REALLY appreciate a review and/or comment! :)

PART 2!!- http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/fcmflyyhe0kzbu6436zeea/fatal-island-part-2

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Review by Chloe S.
14 Dec 2022
This game was amazing, gripping and now all i need to do is find part 2! or if its not up i am waiting, i loved it that much! :0

Review by SteamOwl
07 Feb 2022
It's very intriguing, I like it! :)

Review by broadwaydude
25 Oct 2021
This is the game that made me want to create gamebooks. The writing is immersive and the choices are impactful. The stakes keep the game engaging, and the second part makes this collection a gem. Thank you for your games!

Review by SmallPixelBoat
05 Nov 2020
I loved it.
I'm just sad I couldn't actually save the girl-
(I think I might have figured out how now? Yay :3)

10 Mar 2020
im checking this out sounds good

Review by Swiftthunder
21 Dec 2019
This is so cool! I can’t wait for the second one!

Review by Hatchstripe
21 Oct 2019
Loove it! Can't wait until part 2!

Review by DimensionLord
01 Aug 2019
Nice! I like the idea!

Review by dw817
21 Jun 2019
Man ! Now THIS is a survival game ! Very impressed. No fancy fonts, music, or graphics to get in the way. Just make the right choice. The only choice in many cases, and survive the consequences.

Excellent work. Looking forward to more rapid-fire games of this caliber.

Review by sebastianali
09 Mar 2019

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