Locked Away by SarahLauren

You approach the Gate, quivering with a mixture of fear and excitement. It's the gate you've been looking for your entire life, and now you have a chance. All you have to do is survive to find all twelve Master Keys and the Gate will grant your most precious wish. (This isn't done yet, but I accidentally published it and I can't figure out how to take it off. I've only made it up until when you meet/see the girl, so don't try to play past there. I will finish this, hopefully soon since I work on it every day!)

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Review by Hormus
21 Jul 2018
It was pretty tricky--getting past the gate. But --SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

I had to cut myself to get in.

Also, the girl yells at me, and bursts her eardrums, I think? Because I can't talk to her afterward.

Otherwise, pretty good. Keep it up.


Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
It could have good potential but I can't even tell if I completed the puzzle. I kept trying to say a word but apparently you can't just speak a word. Typing the word didn't work. It's a difficult puzzle, with no walkthrough, and a lot of unhelped confused people. I'd be glad to play the game once you start helping people have a chance to get past the first gate.

Review by BeggerStager
28 Dec 2014
The beginning is good. I named myself north and I'm a north. The compass arrow was there so I decided to press it. :)
Some accidental typos I think. "I will by there to guide you" -I think "by" is supposed to be "be"
"Read the second massage again, north" -I think "massage" is supposed to be "message"

I don't know if it's a bug, but after *SPOILER ALERT* she yells at me, I looked at her, and there was nothing I could do to talk to her again.

Review by Anei_walker
16 Jul 2014
Really good. Hope it's finished soon.

Review by Claire6129
23 Feb 2014
This is the best text adventure I have ever played! I usually don't do the text adventures, because I get confused, and that's why I suck at making them, too. But this was simple, and wonderful!

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