Being a Dragon by noam15A

Be a dragon! Choose your dragon, eat, sleep, fly, fight, get yourself hundreds of slaves, get a girl/boyfriend... You choose.
Review by CodeKrafter
06 Oct 2019
This needs to be extended, so far it's pretty short with limited replayability.

Review by Slayer78
16 Feb 2018
I liked it, but I needed more. It was cute and I liked eating the princesses and stuff... but I think it should of had more. It ended to fast. I think you should add to it, and make longer one with more choice.

Review by Catmom
16 Feb 2018
A nice dragon adventure story. I would say this is mainly for younger audiences. As it is - it is a cool funny little story which i enjoyed reading.

Review by Leotard50
16 Feb 2018
Cute, funny and simple to read! Great for younger audiences !

Review by Umbra Fulgur
16 Feb 2018
Great idea; horrific execution of that idea.
far to simple and short

Review by TabbyKay
12 Feb 2018

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