Outbreak Day 1 : The Silent Outbreak by Andre Berthiaume

Part of a new project named Survivors Diaries, Outbreak is the first Interactive Story made by the creator of the project.

When every communication channels goes out, no one knows that the world is about to end. What will you do?

Every passage is affected by Time and Inventory. Try different paths and see the outcome.

Day 1 will put the first stone in this highly interactive story. Every choice has an impact and will modify the story. There are 3 totally different endings for Day 1 that will set the tone on how you will play the future chapters.

The game saves after you completed Day 1 so you will continue where you left when Day 2 releases later in February.

Note that the saves is made by cookies in your browser. Replaying Day 1 will overwrite the save data (if you finish it without dying only). Erasing Cookies in your browser will also erase your save data.

Follow the development on : https://www.facebook.com/survivorsdiaries
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Review by Lostamongststarz
04 Nov 2017
the story was good and there were a few spelling errors but they're easy to look past. my problem is that it is rather short and i think it should rather be a prologue (introducing you to the situation) rather than a whole first day thing

Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
kinda bummed that this was only a teaser with no further game anywhere, but it has great potential.

Review by wolver
13 Apr 2017
Hope you will finish the rest, played part of day 2 and really like the different options. day 1 not that many different story possibilities, but like the potential. So hope it will continue.

Review by mentlegen
19 Feb 2017
I like it

Review by StoryBox
29 Jul 2015
Make the day 2

Review by krishkid1
22 Jul 2015
Great plot and well written, I just wish it was a bit longer.

Review by Losbirro
24 Feb 2015
WOW - WOW - WOW , well written !

Review by MrPikmin16
02 Feb 2015
Loved it! Slightly short but the other endings and the preview for Day 2 made up for it. I'll make sure I keep an eye out for Day 2 when it comes out! :)

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