Two Braids Girl by Evanrianus

Inside a dark room, I woke up and didnt remember anything.
I dont even know my name.
I dont even know what place is this.
01 Jan 2018
Pretty good story. Multiple grammar and spelling mistakes.

Review by emmodii
22 Sep 2017
Was thinking it was gonna be extremely cliché and cringey, given the whole "I don't remember anything and I just woke up in this strange place" trope. Coulda kinda already guess that you shouldn't trust the girl, etc etc...

But honestly? It's actually not bad. Would prefer the mood relied more on the text than the images though, since it IS a text adventure.

Review by funkyspunk90
02 Feb 2017
Features sound and pictures.
I dont know if English is the author's first language, there are some writing mistakes but the story's understandable.
Another story where you wake up in a spooky house with no memory, although the author seems to have thought it through more than most. Quite short.

Review by SkinnyAlien
31 Dec 2016
Very spooky! Loved it!

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