Aquarium by Hannah PS

You're seventeen. It's dark in here.

Aquarium is a story game about skipping school with a cute boy. There are multiple endings.

You can play in your browser on most devices - Internet Explorer will not work, though, you have been warned.
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Review by Aurelia Carmack
04 May 2021
What the hell make this a movie or something I NEED A PART 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and infinity ahhhh im mad its overrrrrrrrrr

Review by rainbowyogurt
25 Nov 2020
still my favourite text adventure ever.

Review by Heres a problem
21 Feb 2020
I love this game, I've played it about 7 times in one day.

Review by hannatude
10 Jul 2018
This was a great little story - I love the "living text", as other reviewers have called it. The way it shifts feels very organic. I played it several times, and each time I enjoyed it. I do wish it was longer, but that's neither here nor there.

Also my Sherlock fangirl brain immediately decided that Sebastian's last name is Moran, and the character's name is Jim Moriarty.

Review by remwrites
28 Mar 2017
Lots of choices and character development! I wish it was longer however, the plot could definitely have been taken further. The male lead is 100% swoon worthy, and I couldn't keep myself from playing it several times.

Review by ShoutyMcNubs
06 Mar 2017
I love how it was made.

Review by tonyromoistrash9
22 Jan 2017
i dont like it

Review by tonyromoistrash8
22 Jan 2017
i dont like this game

20 Jan 2017
Fun, well thought out, 4 for me :)

Review by WrightWorth
08 Jan 2017
Brilliant! I love character-driven games like these where the personality of the narrator shines through the mundane choices you make for them.

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