Aquarium by Hannah PS

You're seventeen. It's dark in here.

Aquarium is a story game about skipping school with a cute boy. There are multiple endings.

You can play in your browser on most devices - Internet Explorer will not work, though, you have been warned.
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Review by remwrites
28 Mar 2017
Lots of choices and character development! I wish it was longer however, the plot could definitely have been taken further. The male lead is 100% swoon worthy, and I couldn't keep myself from playing it several times.

Review by ShoutyMcNubs
06 Mar 2017
I love how it was made.

Review by tonyromoistrash9
22 Jan 2017
i dont like it

Review by tonyromoistrash8
22 Jan 2017
i dont like this game

20 Jan 2017
Fun, well thought out, 4 for me :)

Review by WrightWorth
08 Jan 2017
Brilliant! I love character-driven games like these where the personality of the narrator shines through the mundane choices you make for them.

Review by sandman42
08 Dec 2016
Wow, that was really good. I had to replay a few times just to see what would happen. Very well written. simple, but powerful. emotional

Review by nekoandpie
23 Nov 2016
This game is like, amazing???
This has a lot of character development and I just want to know more??? AA A

Review by BeggerStager
22 Sep 2016
What an absolute savage. Are there people in the world like this? XD
#Dream Date

Review by Caska
04 Sep 2016
Well written and interesting.

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Hannah PS
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Published 07 Apr 2014
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