Warrior cats: The rise of StormClan (Part 1) by SilverStone the dragon

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Your a cat named Shadow kit who grows into the mighty Shadow claw, leader of the cats of the new clan Storm Clan, the strongest clan in the forest . You start out in Thunder clan, but create Storm clan. You can are the best fighter in the forest-but one wrong move and your fresh-kill. Choose wisely to make Storm Clan the best clan ever! (This is part 1- In this part you become an apprentice)

A look into this game series:
. Become a rogue
. Choose what games to play as a kit...whether to venture into the forest or not, even when your not allowed.
. Choose to fight or flight whatever stands in your way. (sometimes)
. Choose to become a leader/deputy or not
. Choose to battle the other clans
. And much more!

Note: All this is spread out over the series, so don't expect all of it in just one! Also, if your wondering where Pine kit and Sand kit got up to, they decided to have a long nap with their mother :)

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25 Oct 2020
Not bad, but each page is really long, it took ages for me to read it all.


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