Small Travels by MythicBlue

After making a wish in a strange well, you find yourself shrunken down to 1/4 of an inch the next day. Will you survive and enjoy all that life at a tiny size has to offer, or will you get crushed like a bug?

- Plenty of places to explore
- A relationship level mechanic
- 20 Different Endings
- Various objects and tasks for you to complete
Version 1.1

- Added a new Giantess: Victoria Edwards
- Added description for Sticky String
- Added Victoria's Door
- Added Apartment 206
- Updated Guide
- Added Relationship Level for Victoria
- Added a whole bunch of interactions for Victoria
- Added Ten New Endings, bringing the total to 20
- Fixed a couple of things in Alice's Apartment

Well, it took a bit longer than what I hoped, but Version 1.1 is finally done! This update adds in Victoria Edwards, a new giantess with a whole load of interactions! I hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to my anonymous friend who helped me with ideas for some of the scenes, I really appreciated it.

Due to the complex coding of certain scenes, this game suffers from issues on the Mobile version and online version, which I'm unable to fix. Small Travels is best played using a computer, with the best way to play being the downloaded desktop version. If you encounter any bugs, glitches or spelling errors, please let me know in the comments or feel free to send me a message.

Please comment and rate the game if you enjoyed it!

- Mythic Blue

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Review by Maiqtheliar8888
26 Mar 2022
honestly really good, too bad it seems to be discontinued...

Review by Satan666
28 Aug 2021
Not sure if it's just me, but this game seems to have gotten less playable than it was the last time I tried it.

I can no longer complete the ring minigame, as I've attempted to remove at least 50 tons of gunk to no avail. I used to find it after no more than 5 attempts at removing gunk. In addition to that, I can't give up, so I just keep fruitlessly removing gunk until I die. Not sure what that's about.

I've figured out how to climb the telephone table, but have no numbers to call. I thought I remembered seeing a phone number in the kitchen, and being unable to climb something there, but maybe I'm misremembering. What's worse though, is climbing up there seems to soft-lock the game, since I can't climb down, and can't call anyone, so I'm basically screwed.

And lastly, I am still none the wiser on how to make contact with Victoria. I've noticed some other comments indicating she can be reached, but I fear that would require waiting for random chance encounters fulfilled in some kind of specific order, which is obviously not very compelling gameplay, and some more hints, or more clearly defined tasks would be appreciated.

The game's description says there's meant to be 20 different endings, but I would be inclined to ask what an ending is defined as in this instance. I have only been able to reach a single point that ends the game (Death from failing the ring minigame) though I have reached a few soft locks that, for all intents and purposes "ended" the game. A little more info would be nice in that regard.

I'm giving the game 4 stars, since it is in fact, good. Simply having a well-written textadventure game to check in on every once in a while is great, even if the content is lacking at the moment. Hopefully, more people give it a try, and bring more attention to it, motivating you to keep working, since too many of these games die before their time.

Keep working hard, my man.

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