Team Aurom's fight and other side quests by Kidwonder

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Review by Auron Dimitri
12 Jun 2004
Although this game is not quite as dreadful as David made it out to be, it's not nearly as marvelous as Matthew made it seem. The game is not 100% terrible because there was some effort put into it, but it has a good set of flaws that keep it from getting a higher rating. I questioned giving it a 3 since there was effort in this, but effort alone does not make a great game.

Anyway, the game did try something new with the stats, however they were a bit rough, as in you never really had to use them. For example, when your health goes down you actually never really had to use any medicine since somehow the story line would restore it for you. Plus, it is almost impossible to get 0 health in this game unless you do not grasp the incredibly simplistic process.

The game tries to have some RPG matters by having fighting in it. However, it is not really "fighting." You simply do "Use ____ on _____" and that is it. Yes, Quest is hard to make fighting and RPG systems with, but this was a bit too simple. Enemies will go down with just ONE hit by ANY of your weapons, but not before taking a random amount of points from your health. You never actually upgrade either or raise your stats, you simply get new "weapons" which are in no way different than the ones you have had before with the same uses and effects. The only difference is at some points in the game you have t either use one weapon or the other, with neither having any special or individual effects. That could have been done a bit differently.

Also, something that was quite strange was, there is no storyline. Basically you are in a town, you get a weapon from your grandfather (without any reason why), leave the town and start killing gang members called Auroms (Hm, that sounds a bit familiar). You never actually learn though what makes them so bad, why you have to take them down, why you're a fighter in the first place, who you are, etc. Another example, at the beginning, after you leave your house you see your "best buddy" who says "Good luck on your quest." You never are actually told what your quest is; your grandfather just hands you a Blade as a gift for no apparent reason and you're off somewhere meeting some random woman that tells you to start slaying Auroms. There are ideas of a plot involved with characters and locations, but it lacks purpose and setting. It is kind of like reading a book, except you just start reading from the middle without getting to read any of the introduction chapters-despite eventually catching on, you're still confused about some of the more basic aspects of it.

Two more things that also were a bit frustrating; there was the huge text size, which served no purpose. This is the perfect game for a person that has to wear reading glasses, because the text here is humongous-too humongous. Sometimes it for some reason makes itself bold, then non-bold, for no particular reason. The other thing that was frustrating was the descriptions, or rather lack of. Now, I dislike it when Quest games have 2 page descriptions for every tiny object, but this game was very bare. Just a bit more detail would have been nice, and could have been taken advantage of to actually help form a plot for the game. However, the descriptions in this game do not do much and lack.

Finally, there is also a huge bug in the game. When you get into a Dojo (which is after a short time of playing), you must fight a dojo master. To do this, the game tells you to say "Use fists on", however, you do not have any fists to use (sounds strange, yet true). So after playing for a maximum of 10 minutes (if it takes you more than 10 minutes to get this far, you are not intelligent enough to play Quest games) you already find yourself at the end. The reason the game ends is because of the "fists" bug and I hate it when games just break off suddenly due to some unecessary bug that is easily fixed. It seems a lot like that a bug is the reason the game does not go on, since the file is about 89KB and you're done after a maximum of 10 minutes. However, the reason the game is 89KB may just be because of the unecessary HUGE font. Either way, the bug for that part can easily be fixed, and in case it is not a bug but simply the end of the game since the creator has not gotten further, (s)he could have written a notice.

I know I am saying a lot of things about the game that are either negative or saying where it could improve on, but the game is not hopeless; it just needs work. The creator had potential but needs to realize that there are various things that could seek improvement to make the game just more entertaining.

For now, I can't give this game more than a

2 OUT OF 5

Review by David Whyld
10 Nov 2003
Well, I finally got round to playing this "game" (for want of a better word) and wish I hadn't bothered.

Non-existent descriptions, no storyline whatsoever and an annoyingly large font that took up half the screen with just a line of text. If there was a blueprint for writing truly appalling games then this would be it.

1 out of 5 (and I'm regretting the fact that an option for giving worse ratings isn't available)

Review by Anonymous
29 Oct 2003
this is a good start but the descriptions are crap and give no extra info and the fights are a no loose certainty! ANd i got stuck because your stupid game didnt give me any fists so i couldnt fight in the training place! fit these and ill give it a 5/5!

Review by Matthew G
17 Oct 2003
This is a fantastic game. Being the first 1 with Quest 3.5, I reckon it'll be 1 of the best.You can never tell what's gonna happen next, and the health thing is great!

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