Kingdom by Stefan Grecianu

You have received your very own domain of three villages, manage it well and you will stay forever in the people's hearts; otherwise, have fun in the outlands. THIS IS A BETA: suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Review by ClaytonKO
22 May 2015
It really could use some work but awesome idea

Review by Mike B
13 Oct 2013
A good governance challenge with three managed villages et al to lead, worth some practise!

Review by Simon Birch
19 Oct 2012
This is nearly a good game, however none of the commands apart from asking for funds actually works. Money vanishes from the treasury without warning, some sort of turn button would be good. By the time you have typed a command (which never works) the village leaders have come back. Fix all this and would be worthy of a four because it is a neat idea.

Review by Anonymous
09 Oct 2003
The idea was good yet it was extremely boring. Well we do need more strategy games I guess.

Review by Journalist
29 Jan 2003
This game is thought out very well and the idea and plot of it all is really quite smart. It's good to play when your bored and it's YES or NO interface is good too. I enjoy playing this game andI think you would too. I recommend you download it and give it a try also I run an internet newspaper email me on [email protected]

31 Dec 2002
If I could give this game 3 1/2 stars, I would, but I can't. I thought the game was very well thought out and made good use of the YES or NO interface. However, descriptions were not very long and commands were too long. For instance, 'send knight to village2' can easily be substituted with 'knight to village2' or even 'knight to 2.' Also, 'visit village1' might work better than 'travel to village1.' This game was fairly occupying, however, and does present a challenge to the player.

Highs: Easy YES or NO interface, well worked out effects of desicions made by the player

Lows: Short descriptions, long commands.

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Written by
Stefan Grecianu

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Written for Quest 3.03
Published 31 Dec 2002

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