SJ Griffin by SJ_Griffin

It's the near-future. You are a bike messenger in a city that's half flooded but still mananging to stay afloat despite economic collapse.

It's your first week at Packet, the best courier company in the city. You think maybe if you play your cards right you'll get to meet the legend that is Sorcha Blades. And then fate deals you the very hand you've been hoping for.

Are you game enough?
Review by annalikeesse
01 Aug 2021

Review by Scartell
16 Aug 2017
SJ Griffin is one of the best games I played here. It's very thrilling and fun to play. I think there was a slight bug, when you return the cd package from the first mission to Scorcha and the others, but otherwise it's Fabulous.

Review by Icamenal
02 Apr 2016
The plotline is a little confusing, but other than that, I liked it!

Review by VAMoses
16 Jan 2016
Really got me hooked at the story, your words really travelled through the details on my imagination!
Awesome, waiting for more ;)

Review by DaNiX88
17 Feb 2015
One of the best games I've played on this site. It had me going all the way through. The writing was very tactful and I had a very good sense of being involved in the plotline. The game wasn't short, but it definitely left me wanting more at the end! Great job!

Looking forward to your next work!

Review by Lyzan
04 Jul 2014

I was immediately hooked when I started reading/playing this. It was very well written and the story had me seated at the edge of my seat. Love the choices provided as well as their outcome! I really enjoyed it! Highly recommended!

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