The Legend of Cyrn by Graham Kelly

This is the demo of my rather large, soon-to-be-released game, The Legend of Cyrn. You play as one of eight races, although in the demo you can only choose from two, the Half-Elf and the Human (which are the same game, basically.)

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Review by Vae Victis
28 Aug 2013
Boring and unfinished. Even for a demo.

Review by hulkman508
25 Jan 2012
I can't really get far, and I'm just not liking the gameplay that much. It has good potential . . .

Review by Freak
03 Apr 2008
The Legend of Cyrn is big. Unfortunately, it is big at the expense of depth.
The game starts out in a series of rooms differing only in their exits, with a series of fetch quests. After finishing the prologue, the game opens up a bit, but it's still fairly shallow.

And it's buggy. Examining the olive tree doesn't work, but that's a Quest bug. There's the common newbie mistake of "Actions are repeatable when they logically shouldn't be." several times. It has a few times where it has a real time delay before proceeding. The Inn simply wasn't tested. (Keys don't set the variable correctly, but that doesn't matter because the door doesn't check the variable, dropping a key will suppress the innkeeper's comments, and trying to rent the Grand room causes the innkeeper to vanish.)

It's a tossup between 2 and 3 stars.

Review by BlatSlabber
28 Sep 2004
I'm sorry. I would be more excited about this game if it didn't rely on multiple votes by the same person JOSH!

Review by yipshi
22 Aug 2004
I'm sure this woud be a good game if I could figure out the commands. I can't figure out how to enter my room at the inn.
Obviously, when I use my key on the door, I should be able to unlock my door, instead of locking it. This game just needs a bit of tweaking to be played as it should. There also needs to be hints past the first task.

Review by Kool Is Josh1
13 Dec 2002
I thought it was good

Review by Eager Elmer
13 Dec 2002
Heeheeheeheeheehehehehehehehehesnorthehehehehehehehehe it was great and great and stuff with fish HI where are you

Review by Master Hand
13 Dec 2002
This was a good fantasy game that needs to be longer!! NO MORE DEMO!!!

Review by B.J. Best
11 Dec 2002
The best aspect of this game is that it is very well-written. The room descriptions and character dialogue are well-done, with a good dose of wit. The plot is serviceable enough to move you along, although there's a lack of direction (i.e., what do you do next) once you get outside of the Great Scholarly Halls.

Some of the gameplay is a little more obtuse than it needs to be, I think. For example, once you complete one task for the Curator, you have to bug him again before he'll tell you what to do next... logically, it would all be part of one conversation. I am also not a fan of interacting with objects that are not listed in the object window unless the situation would logically demand it. It wouldn't be hard to add some books to the object window once you talk with the librarian so that you can then read them; the author could also easily add a dummy to the training room, although for my earlier experience in the library I knew to attack it anyway. Perhaps this is just my personal preference.

The game gets kinda buggy once you get to Vald Daen, but perhaps this will be addressed in the completed version.

All in all a good game, better than most out there. I hope the author is continuing to work on it, as it holds much promise.

08 Dec 2002
This is a fantastic game-- it is fun to play and it keeps you occupied for more than a measly ten minutes (like some of these games do). The potential of this game is amazing-- I can't wait to see the full version. I only had one problem and that was that in the very beginning, in the house of learning, almost all the rooms are named the same thing and all the scholars are named the same thing, so I would get confused as to where I was. This problem was too small to lose this game any stars, though.

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Published 11 May 2002

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