Texture by Ralf T

You wake up in a forest and don't know who you are and what you are doing there. Maybe you'll find your answers in that old Victorian house.

Texture is a short piece of interactive fiction created by Ralf Thissen. This horror story with adult content is only suitable for adults ages 18 and up due to scenes of intense (sexual) violence.

Check out the amazing playthrough of Texture by Jenna Marbles and her partner Julien Solomita in the Jenna & Julien Podcast #224 - Choose Your Own Story PT.2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLt41bjQUuw

Version History

• v1.4 (03 May 2017)
- Updated many (scenery) objects
- Various textual improvements

• v1.3 (15 Feb 2017)
- Updated many (scenery) objects
- Various textual improvements

• v1.2 (12 Sep 2015)
- Updated many (scenery) objects
- Various textual improvements

• v1.1 (05 Aug 2015)
- Added many new (scenery) objects
- Updated many (scenery) objects
- Various textual improvements

• v1.0 (03 Jun 2015)
- Initial Release

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Review by ani93ta
12 Mar 2019
A little bit predictable but good.

PS: here from Jenna and Julien's podcast

Review by xnxnxn
01 Feb 2019
I like it but it's so short

Review by HermanNL
17 Aug 2018
Loved it! Has some really clever writing and and an original setting. Thanks for creating and sharing this :-D

Review by GameofChocolate
18 Jul 2017
Very well done! Although the violence was a bit of a trigger for me,I just looked past it. I understand this was written for the general populous. However, I'd advise a warning for people to see before playing.

That said, very well written, intellectual, and original. Good job.

Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
A simple tale, but mostly well written. Though fairly unclear logically what you have to do next in a couple of places.
The sexual violence description if triggered seems a bit more... porn-y? rather than dealing with the reality of what happens, and seems pretty out of place -not sure if this is intentional.

Review by Phoenix2699
29 Aug 2016
Great game to play. Nice text. Also the control options on the side (for people who are not familiar with text adventures) are a nice feature.
Loved the graphical descriptions in the text. It made it so more intense.
Well done.

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Well done and creepy.

Review by Vulpixula77
15 Jan 2016
Really intriguing and good story line, loved it

Review by rapid killer
31 Dec 2015
Great text adventure with briljant idea's. Cant wait for the movie!!

Review by GibMo
15 Jun 2015
Shiffers down my spine. I would never ever turn my back on the author. If you are capable of writing stuff like this....what else could you do in real life?? Glad I do not know the guy in person. Not bad at all for a first attempt mr. T!!! Took me a while to figure it all out.


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Ralf T

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 03 Jun 2015
Updated 25 Aug 2020