Path of Adventure by Keeweed

Are you ready to fight monsters, crawl dungeons and hoard treasures? Then take the Path of Adventure! Follow it to the end and reveal the mystery…

Path of Adventure is a text-based game, focusing strongly on gameplay. It's completely custom made, to allow for a rich game experience. The game features:
- Turn-based combat
- Procedurally generated dungeons
- Permadeath
- Loads of weapons, items and monsters
- 5 unique playable characters

Unsure whether this is your cup of tea? No worries! Just try the interactive tutorial and continue your way. The intuitive interface and the simple, yet deep mechanics will teach you all you need to know. Well, I hope :)

Finally, this game is specifically designed for mobile devices. What you can play here is a demo, which allows you to play a good 1/3 of the full game. The full version can be found here:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the adventure!

1.2.1 update:
- Corrected and improved texts - thanks to Anthony Crockett!
- Improved accessibility; screen readers now read stat icons
- Improved error handling
- Fixed some bugs

I’m working on a port for iOS. When that’s out of the way, I’ve got a million ideas to improve the game already :)
Thanks for the feedback!
Review by felixp7
11 Apr 2019
Here's a game that sits between the gamebooks of old and _Legend of the Red Dragon_. It doesn't take itself seriously, which makes it surreal, but is quite complex, with a combat system that makes use of spells and potions, and involves actively defending from attacks. There are minigames along the way, too, in the form of brief detours through some dungeon or other, and a plot of sorts that ties everything together at least. If there was just a little more text, and just a little more serious, it would be perfect. Still a lot of fun; the demo is well-balanced in length and difficulty, just enough to require attention while being a relaxed way to pass the time. Last, mobile support is a bonus. A keeper!

Review by Siddone
01 Jan 2019
I played already several time, of course I immedialey bought the full version because I like it very much. It's simple and funny, with interesting and tactical choices.
But it's not perfect, and I realized it after several plays.
The problem is that it gets quite repetitive after a few plays. It is randomized, but they are basically the same situations repeating in a different sequence, and with some random parts. And since every time you die you start over, it gets annoying. Even more annoying is realizing that Every time you die, you could resurrect ONLY whith a (cheap) in-app purchase. Even after having already paid almost 5€ to unlock the full game. It looks like a ”pay to win" touch that the game didn't need.
Anyway, great game, money well spent, I keep playing it!

Review by Sir_Ethus
24 Dec 2018
I just started, and I'm already in love with it! This is the best game I've come across so far! This is the type of game, I've always wanted to play! It's narration is funny and entertaining, it is well designed and very well set up, with descriptions of items and such, making it easy to learn and check if you forgot something, I can't believe how well put together this is. I'm currently as far as the early tutorial, just having run from the blob, but I am already hyped for the rest of the game!

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