The Devil's Bargain by Chris Groskopf

In this text roleplaying game you portray a common thug living life on the streets.

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Review by ChazCliffhanger
08 Feb 2017
Literally have to wait like a full minute to get past these god damn credits (we can't just go to a different window) and then it doesn't even work, it's just blank.

Review by Androc
14 Feb 2005
1. Got the money for the guitar by bribing Teller 4 until I had money needed - glitch

2. Why dont reward cheques -

Review by Moulsey
29 Aug 2004
good game but took literally 2 minutes to complete

Review by Jordan1
11 Jan 2004
Great game, but the introduction gets very old very fast, and I found a glitch. If I walk into the amphitheatre, it lets me in fine with the two people and the hairgel, but I can't get out because when I type "out", it just says out on the screen and doesn't move me, so I'm stuck.

Review by Anonymous
09 Oct 2003
The sound effects were brilliant! Yet the game was too easy! I mean really! And what does Ni Ni Ni mean anyways?

14 Dec 2002
A very cool game. Also very funny-- although the introduction gets old after a few times.

Review by Nick Kerklaan
01 Jul 2002
This is a good, funny game. It's got some bugs, but it's humor keeps it together. It is also quite easy to beat, but the very nature of the game allows you to explore and figure out different ways to win. Also, the opening sequence, while funny at first, gets annoying when you have to go through it every time you restart. Still, these are minor problems. This game is a keeper.


Review by Brad Westlake
01 Jul 2002
This is an excellent game! The only things that would make it a better game are:
More things to do
Some help. (what's the point of some of the items?)
Fix a few of the bugs

Some of the bugs involve the shooting. For example, in the police station. When you try to take an object, the cop tells you can't because he's using it. When you shoot and kill the cop, you'll get the same message even though the cop is dead.

The intro is REALLY started to annoy me! Why couldn't he have used something like if ($loadmethod$ = normal) or something? Maybe it wasn't available. Oh well. It's still a great game
Play this game! It's probably my favorite in the archive so far. I want to try Silent Rage too...


Review by cybernet3000
01 Jul 2002
Some really funny parts, (looking up porn in the church)especially the sounds.(Where do you get all these Monty Python sound bytes?) Bugs need to be fixed and the Intro is excellent, but NOT when you have to go through it after you lose every sing time!

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Written by
Chris Groskopf

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Written for Quest 2.14
Published 13 Jan 2000

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