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18 hours ago
It's time to get up! Time to live out a full morning in the life of someone who lives a very boring life. I fully understand if you don't want to play.

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Snippets8 added a review for Latch Trap

3 hours ago
Snippets8 added a comment for Morning Simulator
This is the best game I've ever played 10000000000000/10 Best Game Ever
4 hours ago
bloonscat added a review for Getting Rich Simulator
It's pretty good story wise, but it's not truly interactive. There are only two endings, and they are both determined by one answer. I think that with work it will get better.

4 hours ago
rcsjr1951 added a comment for Woo Goes There?
Glad to hear more people are finding this game worth while. Some of you have blown way past me. Just as a thought I found in my earlier encounters with Den, he is willing to give you a number of bottles of beer at no charge. Of course this has to be done before delivering his ale. One of the ...
5 hours ago
sarah4 added a comment for Woo Goes There?
No problem, glad to be of help! I did find the game very challenging, but once I've started one of these games I just can't leave them alone until I've finished them. Luckily, my wife has recently got hooked on the new Pokemon game so she can't moan about me playing the odd text adv ...
6 hours ago

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