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This is an adventure multi-theme game where you play as a 13-year-old boy named 'Alex'. He needs to travel through different time-lines in order to save each of his friends to exit this world. (Or you can win through genocide by killing everyone in that episode.) Please email me with positive and negative feedback if you like! [email protected]

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dickballsnutterbom added a review for A Pirate Life for Me
Doesn't do much besides let you become a pirate... You don't actually get to BE a pirate and do awesome piraty stuff.

2 hours ago
dickballsnutterbom added a comment for Choice of Broadsides
Loved it! Just wish that I could have fenced a particular foe and held my blade at his heart or his throat without actually running him through... :'(
4 hours ago
thetruespin added a review for Safegaurd
I'm sorry to be harsh, but it was pretty terrible. You don't really have any control how the story progresses and your choices don't have any real impact. You basically die unless you do what the game wants. And sorry but the plot and dialogue are extremely stilted.

14 hours ago
Grubenbaer added a comment for NerdQuest
Hab die Koordinaten. Tolles Rätsel. Danke!!
15 hours ago
Littleuni126 added a review for my father's long, long legs
This was interesting at first but very disappointing. As far as I could find, there is no actual ending. I think you're just lost in the basement for eternity, as I wandered there for around 2 hours before giving up. There are also a few glitches sprinkled around here and there. But other than ...

16 hours ago

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